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AMERICA/MEXICO – The Bishops: “let us raise our voices and defend the truth about the dignity of the human being, the sanctity of life and marriage”

Mexico City – After the intentions expressed by some local legislators to propose a reform of the Civil Code of the State of Mexico to redefine the natural marriage between a man and a woman, the Mexican Bishops address themselves to “all the Catholic people, to all those who share our faith in the Lord… Leggi tutto »

AMERICA/PERU – The Bishops for the Bicentenary: defend democratic institutions, build peace and integral human development, reject all forms of violence

Lima – Peru will celebrate the bicentenary of its independence on July 28 and 29. A massive deployment of police across the country, especially in places that will host official events, will help ensure peace and security. On this occasion, the President of the Peruvian Episcopal Conference, Mgr Miguel Cabrejos Vidarte, Archbishop of Trujillo, recorded… Leggi tutto »

AMERICA/BRAZIL – “Defend threatened lives, rights not respected and support the reestablishment of justice”: the Bishops’ requests

Brasilia – Brazil has more than 537,498 victims of Covid and 19,209,021 cases, according to the report of the press consortium and data from the Department of Health, with an average of 1,270 deaths per day. The Brazilian population totally immune to Covid, that is to say having received the second dose or the single… Leggi tutto »

AMÉRIQUE/PÉROU – Les Évêques : “L’Église croit en la démocratie, défend le système démocratique, soutient les résultats des élections”

Lima – A trois semaines des élections présidentielles au Pérou, Pedro Castillo fait déjà office de président élu virtuel, dans l’attente de sa proclamation officielle, retardée par l’insistance de son adversaire, Keiko Fujimori, à ne pas reconnaître les résultats et à dénoncer de prétendues fraudes, sans disposer de preuves. Bien que la fraude ait été… Leggi tutto »