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ASIA/VIETNAM – In the name of compassion, believers of different faiths help the sick and suffering

Ho Chi Minh City – Compassion is the key word that today unites believers of different religions in Vietnam, united to give help, tenderness, comfort and hope to the sick and suffering, especially those who are in hospital with Covid-19. This was confirmed by the various participating religious leaders at a conference recently organized by… Leggi tutto »

ASIA/TURKEY – Different signals from the Turkish authorities towards schools and foundations of non-Muslim minorities

Ankara – Apparently contradictory and difficult to decipher signals are coming from the different levels of Turkish power regarding the state of difficulty in which foundations and schools linked to minority religious communities have found themselves for some time. In recent days, the planning and budget commission of the Turkish Ministry of Education has by… Leggi tutto »

AMERICA/BRAZIL – Different and convergent approaches to mission: the course for Ad Gentes missionaries

Brasilia – To offer specific missionary formation to missionaries sent on Mission Ad Gentes, inside and outside Brazil: this is the general objective of the Ad Gentes Course promoted by the Missionary Cultural Center , organism of the National Conference of the Bishops of ìBrazil . The three-week intensive course will run from November 1… Leggi tutto »

AFRICA/IVORY COAST – For a different church, we need men and women who are determined and committed to change

Abidjan – “True change will only be possible by letting the action of the Holy Spirit intervene on the will of men and women to collaborate. If we want a different church, we need open minds, willing men and women, committed to change”, said Fr. Donald Zagore, priest of the Society for African Missions in… Leggi tutto »

AFRICA/SOUTH SUDAN – Mission is what unites the different expressions of the Church: the bishop of Tombura-Yambio urges the protection of priests and religious

Tombura-Yambio – In recent months, the county of Tombura has been the victim of violent clashes between the two rival forces which has led to the mass displacement of hundreds of families . Almost 15% of the local population is involved in the serious episodes of violence that rage throughout the country and in particular… Leggi tutto »