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ASIA/KAZAKHSTAN – The Bishop of Almaty: “We would be happy to welcome Francis, twenty years after the visit of John Paul II”

Almaty – “We are grateful to the government of Kazakhstan for having invited Pope Francis to the next Congress of the leaders of world and traditional religions. We do not yet know if the Pontiff will be there, but the mere possibility fills us with enthusiasm: twenty years after John Paul II’s visit to Kazakhstan,… Leggi tutto »

VATICAN – Pope Francis: the proclamation of the Gospel is not a “cultural model” to be imposed on others

Rome – The freedom that Christ gave to the baptized is “a novelty” that could encompass “all peoples and cultures” and freed from temptations and errors – which often existed in the history of evangelization – “only one cultural model” or wanting to enforce or dictating to others one’s own life model as if it… Leggi tutto »

VATICAN – Pope Francis to the Bishops of Europe: let us ask the saints for help, instead of complaining about bad times

Rome – “So many people in Europe see the faith as déja vu, a relic of the past”. This happens “Because they have not seen Jesus at work in their own lives. Often this is because we, by our lives, have not sufficiently shown him to them. God makes himself seen in the faces and… Leggi tutto »

EUROPE/ITALY – Pope Francis to the Church of Rome: Mission is the work of the Holy Spirit, beware of the risks of a “do-it-yourself” Church

Rome – The Church is by nature synodal, and fulfills her mission only if she obediently follows the actual and effective action of the Holy Spirit, as we read in the Acts of the Apostles. It is only in this way that one can overcome “the temptation to do it alone”, and to “take God’s… Leggi tutto »

VATICAN – Pope Francis to Movements and new ecclesial communities: humility and gratuitousness so as not to suffocate the gifts of the Spirit

Rome – “We must understand that evangelization is a mandate that comes from Baptism, the Baptism that makes us priests together, in the priesthood of Christ: the priestly population. And we must not wait for the priest to come, for the priest to evangelize, the missionary”. Thus Pope Francis recalled the apostolic vocation which calls… Leggi tutto »

EUROPE/SLOVAKIA – Pope Francis: “The authentic Christian witness comes to life from the mysterious triumph of the Cross of Christ”

Prešov – The mission of the Church does not pursue the worldly ways of “triumphalism” and self-affirmation. Every authentic Christian witness comes to life from the mysterious triumph of the Cross of Christ and bears witness to it by aligning its dynamics with the “humble love” of Christ “which is fruitful in everyday life and… Leggi tutto »

VATICAN – Pope Francis to the Lebanese: “I greatly desire to visit you”

Rome – Exactly one year after the deadly explosion that devastated the Port of Beirut, killing nearly 200 and injuring thousands, Pope Francis has publicly renewed his commitment to visit Lebanon in the near future. This is what he said at the end of the Wednesday General Audience, which was held this morning, Wednesday, AugustLeggi tutto »