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VATICAN – Multiculturality and formation: the International Congress of Urbaniana University

Vatican City – The annual International Congress of the Pontifical Urbaniana University is entitled “Multicultural communities for what formation?” and will be held at the university under the jurisdiction of the Congregation of “Propaganda Fide” from November 17 to 19, 2021. The Congress – which can be attended both in person and online, with simultaneous… Leggi tutto »

VATICAN – Multiculturalité et éducation : le Congrès international de l’Université Urbaniana

Cité du Vatican – Le Congrès international annuel de l’Université Pontificale Urbanienne s’intitule “Communautés multiculturelles pour quelle formation ?” et se tiendra à l’université sous la juridiction de la Congrégation de “Propaganda Fide” du 17 au 19 novembre 2021. Le congrès – qui peut être suivi à la fois en personne et en ligne, avec… Leggi tutto »

ASIE/JORDANIE – Appel international islamo-chrétien pour la protection des communautés de prière et des lieux de culte

Amman – Les attaques sanglantes contre les lieux de culte qui accueillent des communautés de foi réunies en prière ou pendant qu’elles participent à des actes rituels, représentent “le summum” des atrocités et de la violence justifiées en invoquant des arguments “religieux”. Face à la perpétuation de tels phénomènes, il est nécessaire d’encourager la création… Leggi tutto »

ASIA/JORDAN – Islamic-Christian international appeal for the protection of prayer communities and Holy Places

Amman – The bloody attacks on places of worship that host communities of faith gathered in prayer or while taking part in ritual acts, represent the “summit” of justified atrocities and violence by bringing up “religious” issues. Faced with the continuing of these phenomena, it is necessary to encourage the creation of an interreligious and… Leggi tutto »

ASIA/PAKISTAN – International Day of the Girl: the Church recalls forced marriages and the religious conversion of minors

Lahore – The government must make every effort to put an end to the phenomenon of forced marriages, kidnappings and religious conversion of underage girls: this is the appeal released by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Pakistan on the occasion of the International Day of the girl, declared by the UN, which is celebrated today,… Leggi tutto »