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Rudyard Kipling – Kim – Audiolibro – Edizione Librivox

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Rudyard Kipling – If – MP3 – Audiobook

EText-No. 23967 Title: If Author: Kipling, Rudyard, 1865-1936 Language: English Link: 2/3/9/6/23967/mp3/23967-01.mp3 Link: 2/3/9/6/23967/mp3/23967-02.mp3 Link: 2/3/9/6/23967/mp3/23967-03.mp3 Link: 2/3/9/6/23967/mp3/23967-04.mp3 Link: 2/3/9/6/23967/mp3/23967-05.mp3 Link: 2/3/9/6/23967/mp3/23967-06.mp3 Link: 2/3/9/6/23967/mp3/23967-07.mp3 Link: 2/3/9/6/23967/mp3/23967-08.mp3 Link: 2/3/9/6/23967/mp3/23967-09.mp3 Link: 2/3/9/6/23967/mp3/23967-10.mp3 Link: 2/3/9/6/23967/mp3/23967-11.mp3 Link: 2/3/9/6/23967/mp3/23967-12.mp3 Link: 2/3/9/6/23967/mp3/23967-13.mp3 Link: 2/3/9/6/23967/mp3/23967-14.mp3 Link: 2/3/9/6/23967/mp3/23967-15.mp3 Link: 2/3/9/6/23967/mp3/23967-16.mp3 Link: 2/3/9/6/23967/mp3/23967-17.mp3 EText-No. 23967 Title: If Author: Kipling, Rudyard, 1865-1936 Language: English Link:… Leggi tutto »

Rudyard Kipling – American Notes

In an issue of the London World in April, 1890, there appeared the following paragraph: “Two small rooms connected by a tiny hall afford sufficient space to contain Mr. Rudyard Kipling, the literary hero of the present hour, ‘the man who came from nowhere,’ as he says himself, and who a year ago was consciously… Leggi tutto »

Rudyard Kipling – A Song of the English

Our brows are bound with spindrift and the weed is on our knees; Our loins are battered ’neath us by the swinging, smoking seas. From reef and rock and skerry—over headland ness, and voe— The Coastwise Lights of England watch the ships of England go! Through the endless summer evenings, on the lineless, level floors;… Leggi tutto »

Rudyard Kipling – A Diversity of Creatures

Isn’t it almost time that our Planet took some interest in the proceedings of the Aërial Board of Control? One knows that easy communications nowadays, and lack of privacy in the past, have killed all curiosity among mankind, but as the Board’s Official Reporter I am bound to tell my tale. At 9.30 A.M., August… Leggi tutto »