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ASIA/JORDAN – Christians and Muslims together seek antidotes to the traps of “media hatred”

Amman – The two-day conference dedicated to the theme “Media against hatred”, organized by the Muslim Council of the Elderly and the Catholic Center for Studies and Media, begins today in Amman, established and directed by Jordanian priest Rifat Bader. Arab media professionals from different countries will take part in the conference, sponsored by Prince… Leggi tutto »

ASIA/LEBANON – 11 Christians, 10 Muslims and 2 Druze (but only one woman) in the new government of Mikati

Beirut – The new government of Lebanon, led by the Sunni Muslim Najib Mikati, is preparing to obtain the vote of trust from the Lebanese Parliament today, Monday, September 20. All the main political forces represented in Parliament have guaranteed their support for the new government structure, which in its composition reflects the variety of… Leggi tutto »

AFRICA/EGYPT – Gestures of brotherhood between Christians and Muslims on the occasion of Eid al Adha, the Islamic Feast of Sacrifice

Cairo – Also this year, on the occasion of Eid al Adha, the Islamic Feast of Sacrifice celebrated on July 21, gestures and initiatives of fraternal solidarity between Christians and Muslims in Egypt were renewed. These are not unusual scenes in the great Egyptian country, where even the coexistence between Christians and Muslims is punctuated… Leggi tutto »