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AFRICA/SOUTH AFRICA – The municipal elections of November 1 are for the Bishops, an opportunity for “moral renewal”

Pretoria – On Monday, November 1, about 26 million South Africans are called to the polls for municipal elections, to choose the members of the Councils of all the municipalities in the 9 provinces in which the country is administratively divided. In a long pastoral letter published by the Conference of Bishops of South Africa… Leggi tutto »

AMERICA/PERU – National Youth Day in November: Young people as prophets

Lima – “Young people, stand up! You are the prophets of the bicentenary” is the motto of the first National Youth Day, which Peru will celebrate from November 19-21. The event is dedicated to the celebrations of the 200th anniversary of the country’s independence on July 28th. According to the communication from the Episcopal Conference,… Leggi tutto »

AMERIKA/PERU – Nationaler Jugendtag im November: Jugendliche als Propheten

Lima – “Jugendliche, steht auf! Ihr seid die Prophet der Zweihundertjahrfeier” lautet das Motto des ersten nationalen Jugendtages, den Peru vom 19. bis 21. November feiern wird. Die Veranstaltung steht ganz im Zeichen der Feierlichkeiten zum 200. Jahrestag der Unabhängigkeit des Landes am 28. Juli. Laut der Mitteilung der Bischofskonferenz wird der Tag von der… Leggi tutto »