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ASIA/CHINA – Promote lay catechists to be witnesses of Christ in today’s society

Cheng Du – To train lay catechists so that they are “Christians of the new era” and witnesses of the Lord in today’s Chinese society: these are the objectives of the VI Formation Course for lay catechists active in the 7 dioceses of Si Chuan Province, mainland China. Due to the pandemic, the number of… Leggi tutto »

AFRICA/UGANDA – To promote the spiritual well-being of the faithful: new parishes open in the diocese of Lira

Lira – “In addition to the spiritual nourishment of Christians, the opening of new parishes in the diocese will bring, among others, further developments in the social sector such as schools, health facilities and other multipurpose recreational centers”. Mgr. Sanctus Lino Wanok, promoted the opening of new parishes to extend sacramental services to the lay… Leggi tutto »

Champani youth in Cambodia find creative ways to promote their culture amid the pandemic

There are about 30,000 Champani people in Cambodia Originally published on Global Voices Members of Champani community during a learning session. Source: Facebook A youth group in Cambodia has found creative ways to promote the Champani language and culture through online initiatives. The Champani group is originally from the ancient territory of Champa (the current… Leggi tutto »

ASIA/KAZAKHSTAN – The Bishop of Almaty: it is time to promote the role of the laity in the Church

Almaty – “In Kazakhstan as everywhere else, the Mother Church must do everything, and even what seems impossible, to meet her children whether they are baptized or not, because it is difficult for anyone to start invoking God as his Father, if he has not yet had the opportunity to meet the Church as her… Leggi tutto »

AFRICA/MALAWI – Development projects promote vocational training and look for answers to climate change

Lilongwe – In Malawi, in particular in the districts of Zomba and Malaka, some young people who would have had no hope of contributing to the economic development of their country, acquire professional skills and, in some cases, even receive funds to start their own business. As part of the “Hope for Youth Project” promoted… Leggi tutto »

EUROPE/FRANCE – Musical piece and video clip to promote the message of World Missions Day in France

Paris – Preparations are underway in France in view of World Mission Week to which a section of the Pontifical Mission Societies website is dedicated. With a new song of praise and an impressive video clip, shot at the top of Saint-Sulpice Church in Paris, the PMS in France interpret and spread the message of… Leggi tutto »

AFRICA/ZAMBIA – The country’s bishops promote the protection of minors and a safe ministry for priests and religious

Lusaka – The people called to offer service to the Church, each in their own ministry, have a great responsibility to contribute to making society better and safer for all children and vulnerable people. This is the statement of Fr. Francis Mukosa, General Secretary of the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops , revealed at the… Leggi tutto »

ASIA/SRI LANKA – Cardinal Ranjith: “The government has a duty to promote truth and justice on the Easter massacres, with a transparent investigation”

Colombo – “We reiterate the request for a transparent investigation, which ascertains instigators and responsibility for the Easter attacks. The Church and the entire nation, shocked by terrorism, have the right to know the truth, have the right to receive justice. Out of respect for the victims there can be no impunity and one must… Leggi tutto »

AMERICA/UNITED STATES – The bishops ask “to promote fair processes within the immigration system”

Washington – The U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced that it will be placing certain migrant families in expedited removal proceedings, a process whereby immigration officers can quickly, and absent a hearing, deport noncitizens suspected of recently entering the United States without inspection. In response to these events, Bishop Mario E. Dorsonville, auxiliary bishop of… Leggi tutto »