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ASIA/PAKISTAN – The bill to protect women rejected: protest campaign by Christians

Karachi – “We must all be united to defend and promote the proposed bill to protect women of religious minorities from forced conversions. Not only do we want this proposal to become law, but we also want it to be implemented. Rejecting the bill that aims to stop forced conversions is against human rights. This… Leggi tutto »

AMERICA/COLOMBIA – Mgr. Lascarro Tapia calls on the state to protect communities fleeing violence

Magangué – The bishop of Magangué, Mgr. Ariel Lascarro Tapia, denounced the extremely complex situation in the south of the department of Bolivar as a result of the clashes between illegal armed groups for territorial power.The clashes have led to an increase in the murder rate and the displacement of at least 900 people to… Leggi tutto »