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AMERICA/VENEZUELA – Bishops for the elections: “We must not remain in quarrel and conflict”

Caracas – Regional and local elections will be held in Venezuela on Sunday, November 21. The Governors of the country and the mayors of the 335 parishes as well as the regional and local councils are elected. Sixty-nine indigenous communities also vote, choosing their representatives according to their own rules. A total of 49% of… Leggi tutto »

AFRICA/UGANDA – Churches remain closed: “We must also pay attention to the spiritual economy”

Kampala – “May our desire for an earthly economy not come at the expense of the spiritual economy”, said James Kakura James, Ugandan seminarian, referring to the reopening of public spaces and the permanent closure of churches to contain the Covid-19 pandemic. “Churches and mosques have given birth to the current economy of Uganda –… Leggi tutto »