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ASIA/MYANMAR – Synod of Bishops on Synodality: For a Church on the move under the sign of mission

Mandalay – The Catholic Church in Myanmar regards the Synod as a “fruitful opportunity to reconsider its character as a Church on the move, which is really missionary”: This is what the Catholic Dioceses in Myanmar affirm on the occasion of a solemn opening ceremony of the Synod of Bishops’ path on the subject of… Leggi tutto »

AFRICA/KENYA – Synod 2021-2023: “Do Not Be Bystander”: says Bishop Muhatia

Nairobi – The Synod on Synodality, “Is an ecclesial journey that has a soul that is the Holy Spirit”, which the Pope will inaugurate next October, 9 and 10, 2021, explains the vice president of the Bishops’ Conference of Kenya Msgr. Maurice Muhatia Makumba, bishop of the diocese of Nakuru. Addressed to the more than… Leggi tutto »

ASIA/LEBANON – The Synod convened to elect the new Patriarch of Catholic Armenians without results

Bzommar – The Holy Synod of Armenian Catholic Bishops, gathered from the evening of June 22 at the Lebanese Convent of Our Mother of Bzommar in order to elect their new Patriarch, has not so far managed to find the necessary consensus to choose the successor of Patriarch Krikor Bedros XXI Ghabroyan, who died on… Leggi tutto »

ASIA/LEBANON – Synod to elect the new Patriarch of Cilicia of the Catholic Armenians begins

Bzommar – On the morning of Wednesday, June 23, the Synod of Bishops of the Armenian Catholic Church, called to elect the successor of the Armenian Catholic Patriarch Krikor Bedros XX Ghabroyan, who died of illness on May 25 at the age of 86, begins. The synodal assembly takes place at the Convent of Our… Leggi tutto »