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ASIA/THAILAND – State of emergency extended due to Coronavirus: between uncertainty and worry, missionaries do not stop

Lamphun – “In the province many villages have been completely closed. The cathedral is closed in Chiangmai as well as all schools. There was also an outbreak in the interdiocesan seminary, 11 seminarians who returned home from the North for the closure of the courses were all infected with Covid-19”. This is what Fr. Ferdinando… Leggi tutto »

ASIA/THAILAND – Pandemic crisis and strong impact on the economy: young people take to the streets

Bangkok – Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha met in recent days about forty CEOs of major Thai companies and businesses to discuss the serious social consequences of the pandemic and its economic impact on Thailand. Businessmen have called for more generous economic aid and a clear plan for vaccination against the Covid-19 virus, given that the… Leggi tutto »

ASIEN/THAILAND – Missionar beklagt Mängel bei der Bewältigung der Pandemie und Fake News

Bangkok – „Seit dieser Woche gilt in 10 Provinzen eine nächtliche Ausgangssperre. Der Nachtflugverkehr steht in ganz Thailand still. Für diejenigen, die aus Bangkok und anderen roten Gebieten anreisen, gilt auch in den anderen Provinzen eine Quarantänepflicht”, so Pater Ferdinando Pistore, der als fidei-donum Missionar in Chiang Mai tätig ist. Der Priester bestätigt den Mangel… Leggi tutto »

ASIA/THAILAND – Between false news, tensions and lack of vaccines, infections due to Covid-19 are rampant

Bangkok – “From this week 10 provinces have established a night curfew. Night air traffic is at a standstill throughout Thailand. Those arriving from Bangkok and other red areas must also be quarantined in the other provinces”. This is what Fr. Ferdinando Pistore, a Fidei Donum missionary in Chiang Mai, writes to Agenzia Fides. The… Leggi tutto »