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EUROPE/UKRAINE – “One year for God”: initiative for the Orionine Vocation Year

Kiev – From June 23, 2021 to June 23, 2022, the Orionine Family is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the birth of the founder, Don Luigi Orione, considered the “Father of Vocations”, with an Orionine Vocation Year. In this context, the Orionine communities of L’viv and Kiev, in Ukraine, recently launched the initiative called “One… Leggi tutto »

EUROPA/UKRAINE – “Ein Jahr für Gott”: Don-Orione-Werk bringt Initiative der Berufungsförderung auf den Weg

Kiew – Mit einem Jahr der Berufungen vom 23. Juni 2021 bis zum 23. Juni 2022 feiert die Orione-Familie den 150. Geburtstag ihres Gründers, Pater Luigi Orione, der als “Vater der Berufungen” gilt. In diesem Zusammenhang haben die Gemeinschaften des Don-Orione-Werks in L’viv und Kiew kürzlich eine Initiative mit dem Titel “Ein Jahr für Gott”… Leggi tutto »

Is there still hope for peace in Ukraine?

from: The Ukrainian government, like Israel in Gaza, relentlessly goes on bombing residential areas in the eastern regions “to kill the terrorists hiding out there” (but also the civilians living there). The separatists, called “terrorists”, are in a siege; to break it, they have launched a bloody counteroffensive to the South, with civilian casualties… Leggi tutto »