Teacup Club, The by ARMSTRONG, Eliza

The Teacup Club (For the Advancement of Woman) is formed when Dorothy decides to found an intellectual club of her own – to teach her fiance a lesson! The club’s discussion topics (official) includes Theosophy, Politics and Women in Legislature. The club’s unofficial topics include Emily’s new dress, man-flu (it’s causes and cures) and the great mystery of the missing chafing-dish. A witty drama and a comedy of manners, secrets and politics (both official and unofficial). – Summary by Elizabby

Cast List:

Narrator: Beth Thomas
Evelyn: Jennifer Fournier
Emily: Leanne Yau
Dorothy: KHand
Frances: Beth Thomas
Elise: Lydia
Marion: Vicki Hibbins
Catharine: Michele Eaton

Edited by: Michele Eaton and linny

Proof listeners: Michele Eaton, Beth Thomas

This title is avalable for free download at: www.librivox.org.