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Commons-logo.svg (SVG dosyası, sözde 1024 × 1376 piksel, dosya boyutu: 10 KB)

Wikimedia Commons logo Bu dosya Wikimedia Commons'da yüklüdür. Dosyanın açıklaması aşağıdadır.
The description on its dosya açıklama sayfası on the shared repository is shown below.


The Wikimedia Commons logo, SVG version.


This version created by Pumbaa, using a proper partial circle and SVG geometry features. (Former versions used to be slightly warped.}


SVG version was created by User:Grunt and cleaned up by 3247, based on the earlier PNG version, created by Reidab.

(Reusing this image)

Message from the original creator, Reidab: "I'd be happy for the copyright to be transfered to the Wikimedia Foundation. I'll clean it up a bit and then sent it off to you. I think that illustrator can export to an svg, but if it can't, I'll send is as an eps."

© © & ™ All rights reserved, Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

This image (or parts of it) is copyrighted by the Wikimedia Foundation. It is (or includes) one of the official logos or designs used by the Wikimedia Foundation or by one of its projects. Use of the Wikimedia logo is subject to the Wikimedia visual identity guidelines and requires permission.

The Wikimedia logo

Dosya geçmişi

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Şimdiki01:43, 16 Eylül 20071.024×1.376 (10 KB)Connel MacKenzie (Reverted to version as of 10:57, 15 May 2006)
07:21, 30 Ekim 20061.020×1.380 (6 KB)Dbc334 (smaller size)
10:57, 15 Mayıs 20061.024×1.376 (10 KB)WarX (Proper version :) - previous was not scaling proper in inkscape)
02:28, 21 Mart 20061.024×1.376 (1 KB)Pumbaa80 (File completely re-coded. Now featuring geometry and structure ;-) Modifying this image version is definitely easier.)
17:57, 25 Aralık 20051.144×1.534 (2 KB)Dbenbenn (scale up, so it is big enough with "|thumb" syntax)
23:46, 18 Ekim 2005114×153 (2 KB)Optimager (My old one was a little bit too cropped)
23:42, 18 Ekim 2005109×146 (2 KB)Optimager
23:31, 18 Ekim 2005612×792 (2 KB)Optimager
22:59, 15 Eylül 2005115×150 (2 KB)3247 (cropped and optimizes, fully transparent.)
10:46, 10 Eylül 2005250×266 (5 KB)Duesentrieb (The Wikimedia Commons logo, SVG version. See also Image:Commons-logo.png. SVG version created by User:Grunt. Source of the PNG version: [], created by Reidab. Mess)

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