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English: national Flag of Canada
Français : drapeau du Canada (l'Unifolié)

Česky: Vlajka Kanady
Italiano: Bandiera del Canada.

For more information, see Department of Canadian Heritage and w:Image talk:Flag of Canada.svg.

Created by User:E Pluribus Anthony / User:Mzajac

It is easy to put a border around this flag:
[[Image:Flag of Canada.svg|border|100px]]

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Advertising and Commercial Purposes

The Trade Marks Act protects the National Flag of Canada and the flags of the provinces and territories against unauthorized use. Requests to use the Canadian flag in connection with business activities should be addressed to the Department of Canadian Heritage (attention: Canadian Identity Directorate). Requests to use the provincial or territorial flags should be addressed to the Protocol Office of the province or territory concerned. A flag should always be shown, represented or used in a dignified manner. It should not be defaced by way of printing or figures or masked by other objects, but displayed in a manner which may be described as aloft and free, in which all symbolic parts of the flag can be identified. (Department of Canadian Heritage)

Publicité et utilisation commerciale

La Loi sur les marques de commerce protège le drapeau national du Canada ainsi que les drapeaux des provinces et des territoires contre tout usage non autorisé. Les demandes d'utilisation de ces drapeaux à des fins commerciales doivent être adressées au ministère du Patrimoine canadien (à l'attention de la Direction de l'identité canadienne) pour ce qui est du drapeau national et au bureau de protocole de la province ou du territoire concerné. Un drapeau doit toujours être montré, représenté et utilisé d'une manière digne. Il ne doit pas être dénaturé au moyen d'impressions ou d'illustrations, ni masqué par d'autres objets, mais arboré d'une manière qui puisse être décrite comme « haute et libre », de sorte que tous les symboles qui en font partie puissent être identifiés. (Ministère du Patrimoine canadien)

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Şimdiki08:44, 20 Ocak 20081.200×600 (2 KB)Denelson83 (Adding DOCTYPE; still PD)
01:58, 11 Eylül 20071.200×600 (2 KB)Zscout370 (Reverted to version as of 03:25, 25 May 2007 (we have discussed this years ago, we decided to use the RGB colors Canadian Heritage stated))
23:09, 10 Eylül 20071.200×600 (3 KB)R-41 (Just remembered that the Canadian government has the shade of red posted at This red is the correct one)
23:02, 10 Eylül 20071.200×600 (3 KB)R-41 (Changed the overly bright red to the red that used on the Canadian Coat of Arms)
03:25, 25 Mayıs 20071.200×600 (2 KB)Zscout370 (Reverted to earlier revision)
02:58, 25 Mayıs 20071.200×600 (3 KB)R-41 (Colours corrected to Pantone colours described at
02:12, 25 Mayıs 20071.200×600 (2 KB)Zscout370 (Reverted to earlier revision)
23:56, 24 Mayıs 20071.200×600 (3 KB)R-41 (Colours corrected to the common Pantone PMS 485 with 100% yellow and 100% magenta in the four colour mixing process as described on the Government of Canada website. The other variant is PMS 032 which is more rarely used.)
23:45, 24 Mayıs 20071.200×600 (3 KB)R-41 (---- {{es|Bandera de Canadá}} {{ja|ja:カナダの国旗}} National Flag of Canada / l'Unifolié For more information, see [ Department of Canadian Heritage] and [[w:Image)
10:56, 7 Eylül 20061.200×600 (2 KB)Madden (cleaned up code, added viewBox to scale down to 1200x600 px)
04:04, 7 Eylül 20066.400×3.200 (2 KB)Denelson83 (Reverted to earlier revision)
03:16, 7 Eylül 20066.400×3.200 (2 KB)Cogito ergo sumo (Flag of Canada: maple leaf centred, red = RGB(255,0,0))
03:08, 7 Eylül 20066.400×3.200 (2 KB)Cogito ergo sumo (Flag of Canada: maple leaf centred)
23:29, 3 Ağustos 20066.400×3.200 (2 KB)Zscout370 (Canadian Heritage sent me a better scan of the grid, so I modified the maple leaf based from it)
03:38, 28 Temmuz 20066.400×3.200 (2 KB)Zscout370 (The file I last uploaded had problems with the maple leaf)
06:01, 21 Temmuz 20066.400×3.200 (4 KB)Denelson83 (Adjusting position and size of maple leaf to further conform to diagram at
04:59, 27 Şubat 20062.400×1.200 (2 KB)Denelson83 (Consolidate subpaths)
00:01, 11 Aralık 20052.400×1.200 (2 KB)Dbenbenn (Reverted to earlier revision)
23:01, 3 Aralık 2005792×396 (1 KB)Optimager (Arranged so that the original view fits inside its space)
03:51, 9 Ekim 20052.400×1.200 (2 KB)Dbenbenn (change red to #ff0000. Changes are PD)
22:44, 8 Ekim 20052.400×1.200 (2 KB)E Pluribus Anthony (Flag of Canada)
07:45, 8 Ekim 2005992×496 (3 KB)Dbenbenn (change red to ff0000, according to w:Flag of Canada)
07:30, 8 Ekim 2005992×496 (4 KB)Dbenbenn (from by James Leigh, PD)

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