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[edit] Summary

English: The flag of Greece.

Nine stripes symbolizing the nine syllables of the motto of the Greek Independence struggle "Freedom or Death", in greek "E-lef-the-ri-a -i- Tha-na-tos", which led to the formation of modern Greece. The stripes are in blue and white, standing for the deep blue sea and the clear skies. The cross at the top, left-hand corner is a symbol of Christianity and emphasizes the deep-rooted connection between the country and Christianity, which is what the greek people believe it is also connected with Zeus and the sun, denoting life and light.

The blue and white colours of the Greek flag symbolize the blue of the sky and sea and the white of the light of the sun, colors that were preserved in the hellenic history from the shield of Achilles, the banners of Alexander the Great, the flags of Konstantinos Palaiologos to the colours of the emblem of the first king of the Hellenes in the modern times.
Česky: Vlajka Řecka
Italiano: Bandiera della Grecia.
Slovenščina: državna zastava Grčije

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21:29, 17 Ocak 20061.350×900 (846 B)Gabbe (lengthened vertical part of cross to fix strange error)
03:30, 7 Ocak 20061.350×900 (863 B)Gabbe (cleaned up SVG code)
03:56, 15 Aralık 2005450×300 (2 KB)Zscout370 (I had to make one of the cross arms a bit bigger to hide that blue line. But, I hope no one could tell the difference. I also cloned a few more things together.)
03:43, 15 Aralık 2005450×300 (2 KB)Zscout370 (I cloned the stripes and cross, but I still cannot get rid of that blue line at the bottom of the cross.)
22:55, 27 Eylül 2005450×300 (4 KB)SKopp (The flag of Greece. Source: Drawn by User:SKopp {{Template:Insignia}} Category:Flags of Greece)

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