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illustration of a Wiki gnome ; from w:Image:Wikignome.jpg ; originally uploaded by w:User:Ratiocinate from; GFDL {{GFDL}} (See below for details.)

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The Wikipedia has been using an image which used to be here but isn't here any longer. Does anyone know where it came from? -- Sy

The image cites the site as it's source; the specific URL that has the image on it is: ; it's caption (on ) says: "from the Brownie flag, circa 1980", and links to: which seems to part of an inventory of a collection of the artist's works, and says of the "Brownie flag": "Flag, nylon stitched 35" [89 cm] X 73 1/2" [187 cm] [h/w ratio 1:2] green vertical strips, white square centre with 24" [62 cm] round Brownie line art in black. w/ lanyard, toggle. The Flag Shop, Vancouver, BC: CA19724 (c1990)"

This strongly suggests that the image is still in copyright, and the GFDL license is entirely without basis. While I'd be sorry to lose the image, we really can't use it under GFDL; I'm going to remove the GFDL tag. Sigh. JesseW 00:33, 6 September 2006 (UTC) (I've copied the above to w:en:Image:Wikignome.jpg, commons:Image:Wikignome.png, and commons:Image:Wikignome.jpg)

Apparently Palmer Cox flew a "Brownie Flag" over his house, which is still there [1][2]. It seems almost certain that the 1980-90 flag would have been a reproduction of this, and was thus Cox' original artwork. Since Cox died in 1924, this would now be public domain. The en-wiki version of this image was earlier marked as such.

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