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Da Wikipedia, ła ençiclopedia libara.

SieBot is the bot of Siebrand. This bot account is intended to be used with pywikipedia's to resolve and add interwiki links, in autonomous mode for full namespaces and occasionally in manually assisted mode for problematic interwikis. See nl:Gebruiker:SieBot/Overview for a complete overview of accounts and relevant links.

Please let my master know if I do anything you disagree with.

Sto utente el xe un bot manovrà da Siebrand (discussion).

No'l xe mia un sock puppet, ma pitosto un account automatico o semi-automatico par fare edit ripetitivi che sarìa massa noioxo fare a man.
Aministradori: se sto bot no'l funsiona ben o el xe drio far dani, par piasere blòcało.

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