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Cristianos huyen de Mosul ante ultimátum de terroristas islámicos


Bagdad.- Mosul, una de las mayores ciudades de Irak, se ha quedado sin habitantes cristianos después de que estos huyesen tras un ultimátum del grupo terrorista sunita Estado Islámico, informaron hoy fuentes oficiales locales.

“En Mosul había unos 50.000 cristianos”, afirmó Bashar Kiki, un jefe de consejo local de la norteña …
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Pastores billonarios usan su fortuna para distribuir biblias en las escuelas


Con la decisión de utilizar “la riqueza que el Señor les ha dado” los pastores billonarios dedican parte de su tiempo a distribuir biblias en las escuelas de los Estados Unidos.

Los dos hermanos tienen posiciones muy conservadoras sobre temas controversiales como el aborto y la homosexualidad, y son muy …
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Biblioteca digital Tesoro, un abanico de ayudas para el consejero


La biblioteca digital Tesoro que promueve Software Bíblico Logos (SBL), se presenta como un “apoyo ideal para labores de consejería”, según señalan sus creadores. Es que esta biblioteca ofrece más de 100 situaciones reales, munidos de una sofisticada guía con la que el consejero puede evaluar los síntomas de un …
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Kaká elogia la familia afirmando: “Yo creo en la bendición”


Kaká utilizó su cuenta oficial en Instagram para mejorar la unidad de su familia. El futbolista dijo que no cree en la suerte, sino en la bendición de tener a su esposa Carol y sus hijos Luca e Isabela.

“Yo no creo en la suerte, creo en la bendición, obligado Señor, …
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A Brutal Loss, but an Enduring Conviction


New York State of Fracking: A ProPublica Explainer


by Naveena Sadasivam

New York is one of a handful of states around the country that currently has at least temporarily halted fracking. Since 2008, when the state was first confronted with interest in gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing by energy companies, towns have banned the practice, the state has undertaken environmental and health studies, courts have issued rulings on fracking and concerns have been raised about the state’s pristine water supply.

Here’s a rundown of what you need to know about the current status of fracking in New York, the protections available to the state’s major watershed and the implications of the most recent court ruling for local municipalities.

So, does NY have a moratorium on fracking?

Yes, New York currently has a moratorium in place. But the current moratorium, as opposed to a legislative moratorium, is not codified into law and does not have an expiration date. In 2010, former Gov. David Paterson vetoed a bill intended to rein in natural gas drilling and instead issued an executive order instituting a six-month moratorium on high volume hydraulic fracturing, or fracking as it is more commonly known. That moratorium, contingent on the completion of a review of the environmental impacts of fracking by the state environmental agency, is still in place.

In the last six years, two drafts of environmental impact reviews and two sets of draft regulations have been prepared. After the Department of Environmental Conservation released its 2012 report, it asked the Department of Health to review information related to the public health effects from natural gas drilling. That review is currently underway.

Environmental groups have been pushing for a moratorium with a time frame locked in or a moratorium enacted through the legislature, which they say would legally guarantee the moratorium will stay in place and provide time for the additional health studies currently being conducted by researchers around the country to be completed. In the last four years, at least three bills have been proposed to codify the moratorium into law but they have all failed to pass the Senate and reach the Governor’s desk.

When will Gov. Cuomo decide to permit or ban fracking?

Nobody knows.

Recently, Joeseph Martens, the state’s environmental conservation commissioner, indicated that he won’t issue fracking permits before April 2015, delaying the decision until after Cuomo faces re-election. Earlier this year, health commissioner Nirav Shah said that he was “in no hurry” to finish the review as he did not want to “play with any potential risks with the health and safety of New Yorkers.” Cuomo has said that he did not want to put “undue pressure” on Shah. “My timeline is whatever commissioner Shah needs to do it right and feel comfortable,” said Cuomo.

Shah has since resigned and the charge has been handed over to an acting commissioner, which will probably only further delay a decision.

I vaguely remember reading something about a recent court ruling in New York. It made a lot of the anti-fracking activists very happy. What was it about?

Two small towns in upstate New York, Dryden and Middlefield, had banned fracking within their boundaries. Soon after, an energy company in Dryden and a dairy farm that had leased land for drilling in Middlefield sued the municipalities, arguing that the towns did not have the authority to limit drilling activity. The lower courts initially dismissed the lawsuits. On appeal, intermediate level courts upheld the ruling and most recently the state Court of Appeals also upheld the decision.

“The towns both studied the issue and acted within their home rule powers in determining that gas drilling would permanently alter and adversely affect the deliberately-cultivated, small-town character of their communities,” wrote Judge Victoria Graffeo in the majority ruling.

And why is this court ruling so important?

It gives towns the authority to decide whether they’re willing to allow fracking within their town boundaries. Several towns already have bans in place against fracking. This ruling ensures that if those towns were to be met with similar lawsuits, they’d still be able to enforce the ban. Also, if Cuomo lifted the state-wide moratorium, towns can individually take action through local ordinances.

Wait, doesn’t fracking cause your water to light on fire? Should New Yorkers worry about their water supply?

ProPublica’s reporting over the years has shown that fracking can be done safely, and very often is. That said, natural gas drilling and fracking done improperly or recklessly can be a threat to water safety. – Residents of New York City, though, probably don’t have much to worry about. New York City and several upstate communities receive water from the Delaware, Catskill and Croton watersheds, where there is currently no fracking taking place because of the moratorium. If the health review process came to an end and Cuomo made a decision on fracking, there are several scenarios that could play out.

  • Fracking could be banned altogether in the state
  • Fracking could be allowed in the state and additional regulations specifically banning fracking on land overlying the New York City watersheds and their buffer areas could be passed
  • Fracking could be allowed almost anywhere in the state, including over the New York City watersheds

Though considered highly unlikely, if the third scenario were to play out, environmental groups will almost definitely sue the state and try to block drilling over the watersheds. The watersheds are a statewide resource, providing unfiltered drinking water to over 9 million people, and New York City alone has spent hundreds of millions of dollars acquiring land and protecting it. About 37 percent of the land overlying two of the watersheds is protected through land trusts and direct ownership, and the City has an agreement with the state and watershed towns, which gives it some negotiation power with the state.

Finally, the recent court ruling also means that the towns which contain the watersheds could also band together and ban fracking. While it is highly unlikely that it will come to that, the option is now available to towns if needed.

Is there a video I can watch that explains the issues with fracking?

Why, yes. Yes, there is.

For more, read our investigations on how fracking affects public health, causes ground water contamination and the difficulties in disposing the large amounts of waste generated from the process.

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Readout of the Chief of Staff’s Meetings in Berlin, Germany


In follow up to the telephone conversation between President Obama and Chancellor Merkel, the respective Chiefs of Staff, Denis McDonough (US) and Peter Altmaier (Germany), accompanied by Lisa Monaco, Assistant to the President for Counterterrorism and Homeland Security, and Günter Heiss, Head of Directorate-General 6 (Federal Intelligence Service, Coordination of Federal Intelligence Services), Federal Chancellery, met on Tuesday in Berlin for intensive talks on the state of bilateral relations and future cooperation.

The full range of issues was addressed, including intelligence and security matters.

Mr. McDonough and Mr. Altmaier agreed to set up a Structured Dialogue to address concerns of both sides and establish guiding principles as the basis for continued and future cooperation. The Structured Dialogue will be overseen by the Chiefs of Staff.

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Apelación a la conciencia social


Por Joaquín Benita Mendieta

Un hombre en silla de ruedas. (GTRES)

Un hombre en silla de ruedas. (GTRES)

A los concejales de Tráfico, Movilidad y Seguridad Ciudadana de todos los ayuntamientos y a los encargados de los parkings de los centros comerciales les propongo una campaña de conciencia de personas con movilidad reducida.

De tal forma, lograremos un mayor respeto entre los conductores por los estacionamientos reservados para estas personas.

Mientras, para todos los conductores infractores, podríamos simplemente fijar en la parte inferior de la señalización propia de estos aparcamientos mensajes tipo: “¿De verdad quieres estar en mi lugar? Para ti puede ser solo cuestión de minutos, para mí, una barrera que franquear todos los días”. Es decir, mensajes que traten de concienciar al conductor e insistir en la empatía por los demás.

Es simplemente una apelación a la conciencia, a lograr un mayor respeto para todos sin importar la condición de cada uno.

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Climate models


It turns out that climate
models accurately
model the rate of Earth’s surface heating, when not fooled by El
Niño/La Niña
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Omniscient state that supports the rich


If you stand for freedom or resist the rich, you have something to
fear from
an omniscient
state that supports the rich
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Right-Wing global heating deniers


Some right-wing global heating deniers are driven to their delusion by
an ideological
opposition to using collective action to solve any problem.

Collective action through the state is also the way
to stop
plutocrats from pushing most people into poverty
, which is another
reason those plutocratist politicians hate collective action.
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UK plans another attack on the natural world


The UK
plans another attack on the natural world
, both wildlife and the
Earth’s climate, proposing a legal requirement to extract the maximum
amount of fossil fuel.
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