Little Busybodies: The Life of Crickets, Ants, Bees, and Others by MARKS, Jeannette Augustus and MOODY, Julia

These short stories about crickets, ants, bees, beetles and other little busybodies are intended by the two authors to show their children the wonderland of insectcs if we just take the time to look closely. “We hope that you will realize that more wonderful than the most wonderful fairy story ever told is the marvel of the created life of these little insects; we want you to come to know something of their joys and troubles; we want you to learn how to be kind to them, and how they may be useful to you; and we want you to find out for yourselves the places they take in the great plan of creation.” The authors speak to their own children in each story and through them to children of all ages to come. A fun book so jump right in! Don’t let the crickets have all the fun. – Summary by The authors and phil chenevert
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