Alban Berg – Concerto per violino “alla memoria di un angelo”- Louis Krasner – Rodzinski – Cleveland Orchestra – Prima incisione assoluta – 1940

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FIRST RECORDING. Artur Rodzinski, conductor
Cleveland Orchestra
Columbia 78rpm Album MM 465. Recorded December 15, 1940.
Digital transfer by F. Reeder

This audio is part of the collection: 78 RPMs & Cylinder Recordings
It also belongs to collection: Music & Arts

Artist/Composer: Louis Krasner, violin
Keywords: Rodzinski; Krasner; Cleveland Orchestra; classical; 78

Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0

My apologies for the extreme distortion starting about 4 minutes into the first movement.
As this distortion is present on all three copies of the Berg that I have acquired, I presume that there must have been a fault in the master or while the discs were being pressed.
F. Reeder

Andante – Allegretto
Allegro – Adagio – Coda

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