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Image:Wikimedia-logo.svg - Википеди??ь


Википеди??ь -нь пельде

Wikimedia-logo.svg (SVG файла, 1024 × 1024 пик?ельть, файланть покшолмазо: 692 B)

Те файла?ь вачказезь вейк?еньте зн?ры?нь проектень ван?тома тарка?.

The description on its file description page on the shared repository is shown below.
This high-risk image, which is widely used on Wikimedia projects, has been protected to prevent vandalism.
Please discuss changes on the talk page or request unprotection.

The logo of Wikimedia, without text. The logo was originally designed by w:User:Neolux.




January 1, 2006


This SVG file was written by User:Zscout370 with modifications by Dbenbenn. The logo was originally designed by Neolux.

(Reusing this image)

Use of this logo is subject to Wikimedia visual identity guidelines.

© © & ™ All rights reserved, Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

This image (or parts of it) is copyrighted by the Wikimedia Foundation. It is (or includes) one of the official logos or designs used by the Wikimedia Foundation or by one of its projects. Use of the Wikimedia logo is subject to the Wikimedia visual identity guidelines and requires permission.

The Wikimedia logo

Файланть ?р?мопингез?

Лепштинк чиннть/шканть ланк?, ?е?т? ван?ынк коли файло?ь ульне?ь теезь.

неень шкань08:41, 22 Эйзюрков 20061,024×1,024 (692 B)Dbenbenn (Simpler SVG code, based on a suggestion of User:Pumbaa80.)
03:47, 1 Якшамков 20061,198×1,198 (794 B)Dbenbenn (more accurate rendition of the PNG version)
03:15, 1 Якшамков 2006600×600 (764 B)Dbenbenn (transparent background, and cleaned SVG)
01:19, 1 Якшамков 2006600×600 (2 KB)Dbenbenn (drawn by User:Zscout370, {{CopyrightedWikimedia}} )

Те файланть марто ?юлмавозь вана и?т?т ?юлмавома пенеть: