ASIA/MYANMAR – Bishops launch the National Prayer Campaign for the end of the pandemic: “Let us arm ourselves with medical kits, oxygen and other support

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Yangon – “As the Covid 19 pandemic continues to threaten the whole world and our country, we Bishops invite everyone to pray together”, is the appeal that the Burmese bishops addressed on the occasion of the launch of a national prayer campaign against the pandemic.
“As we sail through many challenges in our lives, experts have warned that the world, including Myanmar need to get ready to face an extraordinary challenge from the spiralling virus in the new wave. The Delta strain of the virus is highly contagious and is causing deaths amidst an acute shortage of oxygen”, reports the note from the Bishops’ Conference of Myanmar sent to Fides.
“These are very threatening times for the dignity and survival of our people – insist the bishops. Once again, we urge everyone to unity. No conflict, no displacement. The only war we need to wage is against the virus. In the face of this emergency, let’s arm ourselves only with medical kits, oxygen and other support to our dear people”.
“We are not politicians – writes the President of the CBCM, Card. Charles Maung Bo, SDB. We always seek the good of our people”. In his appeal, the Cardinal through his appeal invites invites everyone to “raise their hands and hearts to the Almighty, for healing. Let us come together as one community, let compassion become the common religion in these dark days. Beyond our religious and faith identities, let us come together for interreligious prayer meetings online. Let us support each other with continuous prayer”.
Cardinal Bo urges the Catholic Church to continue praying: “Let us continue adorations and rosary chains in families and communities. Let us knock at the Divine doors, to melt the hearts of all people, to bring healing, peace and reconciliation”.
“Let us place our people under the protection of God”, concluded the Cardinal. Let the divine hand reach out and bless our country and protect our people from the pandemic and all other calamities. Let’s become prayer activists so that we can heal ourselves. May the healing hand of God touch us all and bring health to the whole population”.
“We believe in the power of prayer because it is the weapon of the poor who are not granted rights, and we join the bishops and the people of Myanmar in this initiative”, said Father Dinh Anh Nhue Nguyen, Secretary General of the Pontifical Missionary Union, Director of Agenzia Fides and Director of the International Center for Missionary Animation . “With this in mind, we at the Pontifical Mission Societies organized a prayer for peace in Myanmar on June 29th at CIAM, together with the Association of Burmese priests and Religious in Rome, , during which the Rosary was prayed in Italian and Burmese through an online platform with the whole world .
“We are following what is happening closely, we will continue to pray and will do everything in our power to support the community and be close to those in need by sharing the gospel of the hope of Christ”, concludes Fr. Anh Nhue.
There are no signs of an end to the political and social crisis that followed the February 1st military coup . Local health officials are currently reporting 3,689 new infections and 330 deaths, bringing the total number of infections to 306,354, including 10,061 deaths. However, many doctors warn that the official numbers do not reflect the reality the country is experiencing due to the collapse of the healthcare system and limited capacity to conduct tests. Oxygen supplies are scarce, and meanwhile the military, denying supply shortages, have banned direct sales to patients or relatives.